Best Coronavirus memes with Friends TV Show

Phoebe: Stay
Joy: Stay
Phoebe: the f*ck
Joy: the f*ck
Phoebe: home
Joy: home
Phoebe: Stay the f*ck home
Joy: picnic in the park
Joy buys a face mask to stay safe
Chandler: Ok let me see what you got there
Chandler: CONDOMS?
Joey: You don’t know how long we’re gonna be stuck in here! WE may have to repopulate the earth.
Chandler: and CONDOMS are the way to do that?!
Phoebe? Do you have a plan?
I Don’t even have a “pla”
We’ll always have Joey!

Social Distancing for Joey & Chandler was a habbit.

Phoebe: You should go outside and be with real people.
Joey: No. Inside good. Outside bad.

What do you think?

Written by Tentin


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